WHO WE ARE OSI SINCE 1980 “In 1975 we had to close an industrial chemistry studio
dedicated to ecology due to lack of customers.
In 1980 we resumed the activity
with the intention of offering an integrated service of
applied ecology to industry and public bodies.”

Sergio Mastroianni - Industrial Chemist

About us


Circular solutions since 1980

Since 1980 the business has pursued a constant policy of improvement and adaptation of its services not only in the environmental field and this has allowed over the years to satisfy different types of customers by offering them cutting-edge technological answers.

Today the organization chart is made up of professionals who are well aware of the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, who are daily engaged in research and development paths for new applications.

Sensitivity towards environmental issues and issues related to an improvement in the quality of living and working conditions has in fact changed considerably compared to many years ago and it is our task to satisfy the need for new and updated services.

Finally, we believe that all this should not concern a purely technical and economic sphere, but also and above all, a social one, capable of inspiring new goals for future generations, which meet the criteria of Sustainable Development and Circular Economy.”

Sergio Mastroianni - Founder Osi
Sergio Mastroianni - Founder Osi
Alessio Mastroianni - C.E.O.
Alessio Mastroianni - C.E.O.


The growing attention towards environmental issues and generally towards all the aspects that can guarantee a higher level of quality of life and work, constantly pushes us to implement a policy of adaptation and improvement of our services. We are engaged in the research and development of new applications on a daily basis, with the ambition of following a regulatory dynamism that tends to aim at achieving a higher and more efficient standards.

Today the challenge consists precisely in this: adopting new solutions, in line with the goals set by International and National Institutions to ensure the study of systems compatible with forms of Sustainable Development, aimed at the full protection and safeguard of Biodiversity. We believe that a company operating in the field of green economy cannot avoid playing a role of primary importance in promulgating these values, set the promotion of a social message before any interest, which becomes a cry of hope for future generations.

Evolving, Educating, Training others and Train ourselves are the key terms that are the basis of all our services, both consolidated and new. We are convinced that in order to support macro objectives such as those mentioned, it is necessary to establish awareness that the scientific criterion must be the true foundation for correct information. In fact, it is a duty to take refuge from those who, concealing mere political interests or those of easy consensus, deny the evidence of technological progress, jeopardizing the socio-economic development of entire territories.

 We will therefore be the first, if the objectivity of the data allows it, to support companies and individual entrepreneurial initiatives to undertake virtuous paths that favour technologies to support the creation of a true Circular Economy, capable of facilitating forms of material recovery and energy for the benefit of less exploitation of natural resources.

These principles become our guideline for all the divisions in which we operate:

in fact, we promote the adoption of virtuous models for a sustainable food supply chain and we consider safety in the workplace an ethical value and a moral duty towards each individual, regardless of the type of a job.

The will to operate by looking at such ambitious objectives spontaneously drives us to facilitate the formation of networks between companies, research institutions and professionals, aware that only a fluid and reasonable exchange of information can be the basis of a value system… and of values!