Sanitary Division

The Sanitary Division guarantees support in the correct implementation of the prevention and clinical risk management strategy through the drafting and validation of the related monitoring plans.

Indeed, risk management provides for the development of interdisciplinary methods capable of guaranteeing high standards of environmental health both in operating blocks, as well as in hospitalization and outpatient settings.

OSI’s intervention takes the form of analytical and instrumental quantification of the main elements that are essential to ensure the effectiveness of the actions taken and therefore identify any corrective actions. The investigations are carried out both in operational and at-rest.

  • Validation/verification of controlled contamination environments (verification of particle class)
  • Gradient check pressure (differential pressure)
  • Flow rate check and air speed
  • Calculation of air changes / Recovery time check
  • Microclimatic and thermo-hygrometric analyses
  • Monitoring of medical/anaesthetic gases
  • Check for microbial contamination in the air and on surfaces
  • Legionella prevention and monitoring
  • Conformity analysis of rehabilitation tanks and swimming pool waters
  • Analysis of water for dialysis
  • Environmental disinfection
  • Sanitization of water and aeraulic systems
  • Verification of the production process and administration of meals
  • Assistance in drafting prevention and clinical risk management strategies
  • Training