We have always been convinced that training represents a moment of professional and human growth, a starting point of an individual and team journey aimed at continuous and constant improvement.

For this reason, we organize specific courses on the environment, food and industrial hygiene, and safety in the workplace.

The training meetings can be carried out in three ways:

  • Remotely
  • In our classrooms
  • At the client’s company

The recipients of these courses include various professional profiles and are organized in a targeted and personalized manner based on the company of reference, addressing the topics according to a theoretical and practical model. Specific training increases productivity and very often helps in concrete optimization of internal processes and procedures. The topics covered are transversal to all the services offered in the referred divisions and a regular certificate is issued at the end of the lessons. OSI includes the training offer within its certificate relating to the ISO 9001 Quality System. For information relating to specific training courses, contact our representatives.

Some examples of training topics:

  • Sampling techniques of environmental matrices (waste, soil, water, air);
  • Correct documental and operational management of waste;
  • Classification and characterization of hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • Updating on current regulation
  • Training of personnel on food hygiene (HACCP courses)
  • Management of places where food and drink are served in accordance with current legislation
  • Training, information and training courses for workers and their representatives, supervisors and/or managers
  • Course for RLS, RSPP
  • Specific training: training in the use of PPE